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Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect value added tax that has been introduced in many countries. A VAT provides a stronger incentive to earn more money than a progressive income tax does. Omani government is set to introduce value added tax (VAT) around April 2021.

The implementation of VAT requires careful planning and time. Businesses in Oman may want to consider preparing now for VAT and need to approach a trusted, VAT consultant who can guide you complex, cross-border VAT compliance issues. HLB understands that your business demands the highest levels of audit, accounting, tax and advisory services.

HLB’s team of tax experts can help you stay on top of your tax obligations and help you comply with regulation across the jurisdiction you do business in. We ensure VAT consultation services for all on-going VAT queries, and help your business to reduce in VAT related matters.

We provide

  • VAT advisory services
  • VAT impact analysis
  • VAT filing
  • VAT implementation

HLB’s VAT services team consists of tax experts across the many countries we operate in. All issues from VAT calculation error to VAT transactions by complying with VAT laws, all can be effectively addressed by our expert VAT consultants.

Why Choose Us for VAT Consulting Service?

  • We provide the best VAT consultancy Service in the Oman in compliance with the rules of VAT in the Oman
  • Access to a team of international VAT experts
  • Assistance with routine issues through to complex compliance matters

Learn more about our VAT consultation services.

Helping you make the most out of your tax responsibilities

Businesses with international plans and operations need to be fully informed of their tax duties. They need tax professionals who can provide a combination of local attention and global capabilities. HLB’s global team of tax professionals can provide you with the necessary proactive advice and support. We work together to plan for and provide a wide range of opportunities for both inbound and outbound businesses and corporations. We understand that global businesses are not run out of one single locations. We provide a full range of tax services for those whose talent mobility strategy requires relocation of individuals to other tax jurisdictions. We know that international tax planning takes many forms, just like every business is unique. Our team of experienced tax professionals takes the time to understand your unique tax position and tailors services to fit your needs.

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